The visor with neck protection from Sunity protects you from UV radiation of the sun, fits most industrial safety helmets and ensures an optimal field of vision.

Frequently asked questions:

This product is based on the experiences of the skin cancer prevention of the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (Suva). In addition, Suva has established simple rules for UV protection for outdoor workers. Further information can be found here (available only in German, French or Italian):

Our advantages:

Optimal protection

High UV protection due to fabric and visor: UPF 50+

High compatibility

The model fits on most industrial safety helmets

Transparent visor

The transparent visor ensures a large field of vision and protects against UV radiation

Flexible visor

The bendable visor does not put you out of balance when bumping

Good hold

The elastic silicone band ensures a good hold of the product on the industrial safety helmet

Ergonomically shaped neck protection

Mit dem ergonomisch geformten Nackenschutz haben Sie sowohl freie Sicht als auch optimalen Schutz der Ohren und des Nackens

Antibacterial fabric

The fabric has antibacterial properties to prevent the appearance of unpleasant odours

Cooling fabric

The specially developed fabric feels 1 – 2 degrees cooler on the skin than the outside temperature

Fit and processing

The fit and workmanship has been further improved. This gives the product a sporty look.

Quick Dry

The fabric dries quickly if it gets wet


The ventilation slits in the neck protection ensure a good climate and prevent heat accumulation